Technical Specialist

Lugar de trabajo: Los Angeles

Tiempo de liberación: Aug 29,2019 PM 18:32

Obligaciones de trabajo

a) SNS business development and promotion (all SNS related issues) 
1) Assist in the search for head of school of art, celebrity lectures (combined online and offline) 
2) Contact celebrity, product promotion and marketing 
3) Contact a University society, develop painting competitions (combined online and offline) 
4) Product video dubbing, edit the amended 
5) Make instructional video 
6) Make instructional videos live (live show) 
b) Maintain YouTube and Skype, as well as Facebook and other social media 
c) Assist and support offline business marketing 
d) All English language, grammar, proofreading for product manuals, quick guides and Web sites 
e) Customer support, after sales and pre-sales technical support 
f)  All technical service calls, all Skype and Email reply 
g) All sale calls forward to James to follow up.  
h) Organize all United States local exhibitions 

Requisitos de trabajo
Lugar de trabajo:LA, US